Maddening Descent

 Losing the will to go on
What emptiness inside
I see others basking in glee
But I can't figure out why
Am I so broken inside?
That I am either not able to see
What life truly has to offer
Or do I just inherently reject this offer
Life, this universal movie
I just never seem to get
Maybe I have the wrong ticket
Or is this just the preview
Completion is something I never feel
This hollowing, yearning for something more
I don't see the point in continuing
Yet tomorrow life courses through my veins
There is will and passion,
But only for a half day
The next is stoic
Is this not madness?
Vacillating between joy and despair
Uncertain of which memories are true
One instance filled with vibrantly dancing colours
The next a slab of dull stationary ones
Not sure if these dreams are worth attaining
For this emptiness consumes all
It is a deep insatiable feeling
One that never leaves
It only masks itself and gradually eats away
Eroding your mind and sanity.

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