The One True Path

 Yet another day passes by
But I am nowhere closer to my goals
For I am trapped in a delusional state
A self-induced trap
Promise after promise
Yet I always disappoint
I am holding myself captive
A prison within
I dig and dig
But the tunnels are winding
Making me out a fool
For I feel I have made it so far through this maze
The darkness begins to illuminate
Only to start a new
I deceive myself into thinking tomorrow will be the day
When I finally emerge from beneath
But tomorrow always has its own tomorrow
Daily the hope is renewed
But always accompanied by disgust and anguish
For I despise my inability to escape this maze
For I know deep within all it requires is a singular focus
But like a child I fawn over every glittering object along the way
So that I forget my path
And I walk and walk
Turn after turn
All the dis-tractors I choose
Path after path
But that one true path
The solution to this maze
Forever eludes me.

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